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UNREAL FUR// Fire an Ice Black and White

UNREAL FUR// Fire an Ice Black and White

UNREAL FUR// Fire an Ice Black and White

מחיר רגיל: 580.0 ₪

Special Price 290.0 ₪

זמינות: במלאי

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חלק חיצוני עשוי 100%
מוד אקריליק
שכבה פנימית
53% פוליאסטר 47% ויסקוזה
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מחיר רגיל: 580.0 ₪

Special Price 290.0 ₪

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עלות שליח עד הבית-  20 ש"ח 

בהזמנה מעל  399 ש"ח - משלוח חינם

איסוף עצמי- 2 ימי עסקים מאישור התשלום

(איסוף מרחוב הגלבוע 1, רמלה (בתיאום טלפוני מראש

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Creating a luxurious and ethical alternative to fur, Unreal Fur is an independent, PETA-certified Australian label driven by a passion for animal welfare and a love of fashion. Our ethical practices are without compromise and we are constantly looking to provide exciting and thoughtful designs for our chic and conscientious consumers. Each Unreal Fur collection embodies status, being lush to the eye and luxurious on the skin. With decadent colours and an endless array of textures and patterns available, our pieces have achieved the look and feel of real fur - but with a clear conscience. Each item is crafted by some of the world’s top furriers (of whom no longer work with fur) who treat the product as if it were the real thing; each jacket is individually cut using the finest quality synthetic materials to achieve the appearance and texture of real fur. Launching in 2012, Unreal Fur is now stocked globally in over 20 countries, 100 cities and 450 stores. Stockists include Revolve, Shoptiques, Harvey Nichols, Rent the Runway, House Acct, Anthropologie, ASOS, Shopbop, MyWardrobe, and the Iconic.
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